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What is a kitchen designer?

So...what exactly is DO do?






Kitchen and bath design is a little different than other types of interior design.

 A kitchen designer follows all NKBA guidelines and processes, so you have the most thoughtful and responsive spaces.  So you’re not frustrated moving through your space constantly bumping into one another.  Or you can’t find the flour…or where was that baking sheet?  Or why is there not enough space for my Costco purchases.  Or why is there no place for my blow dryer? 

We plan so the spices are within the perfect reach when your creating your perfect dinner for your perfect guests.

A kitchen designer knows how to design for someone who is really tall, or height challenged or someone in a wheelchair.  We can have a plan in place for you.  Do you have kids that are learning to cook? Or dogs that are really looking forward to dinner time?  They are included in the designs as well.

What is your kitchen frustration and what is your dream? 

Let's talk!

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